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Custom Acrylic Display Case

Xinyutai can make custom acrylic display case and boxes to fit your needs. These boxes are perfect for home storage, trays, bases, risers or lids. We have a variety of functional acrylic boxes for you to choose from.

We are one of the largest sellers of custom acrylic boxes and will work to professionally make as many custom plastic boxes as you need. These custom boxes are made from real acrylic, the generic name for Plexiglas (also known as plexiglass). It is similar to lucite. all of these materials are of the plastic type.

Each custom acrylic box can be made in any size from small to large, carefully constructed and in popular colors: clear, black and white. Clear acrylic display cases are our most popular color choice because the clear boxes showcase what is inside. We consider ourselves to be your manufacturer and supplier of custom acrylic boxes and displays for any type of product. Please feel free to contact us for personalized assistance and to place your order!

What are the benefits of custom acrylic display cases and boxes?

There are many benefits to placing your merchandise or collectibles in clear custom acrylic display cases and boxes. They will protect the items you are displaying while providing a chic look and clear display for your audience. Your customers and clients can easily inspect your products or items from all angles. Our Plexiglas (also known as Plexiglas) boxes or cases help keep everything inside free of dust and debris. Our custom acrylic boxes are also very helpful in ensuring that your items are safe in high traffic environments. Because it is clear, a custom clear acrylic display case or box can also blend into any decorative style and space. Contact us to learn more!