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Wholesale Acrylic Containers

Now available in a variety of shapes, sizes and uses, clear acrylic containers make it easier than ever to match any theme in your store. Acrylic candy displays are visually stunning and offer high-quality storage space for your candy. With options like stackable bins, you can accentuate your products while using normally unused vertical space or slatwall garbage cans, making wasted wall space an ideal display area; with wholesale candy bins, your profits will grow. 

With so many ways to allocate candy, showcasing products and breathing new life into your retail store's displays is a breeze! From candy to coffee beans, to nuts and bolts, and even some storage for your furniture life, your products will stand out from any competitor when you use these acrylic containers wholesale. Check out our "Products" category, which offers acrylic cases for cosmetic storage, bathroom storage, and more. These products are favorites of our other customers, and we have taken the guesswork out of which products are better than others. Gravity dispensers are also a great asset. They place the item on the bottom for easy scooping, while some offer portion control. Many scoop bins offer airtight seals, such as our straight-top containers, which come in a variety of sizes to ensure that your edible products are protected from the elements and kept fresh for your customers to enjoy. Sell more items in one clear container by putting our separate bins into the mix.

Small acrylic boxes wholesale are an asset to your business. Each of our wholesale displays meet and satisfy FDA guidelines, making them safe for virtually any type of product! Not only do the displays meet safety regulations, but they also provide a clear view of the materials stored inside. Clear display containers of any size will showcase the stored items in optimal light.

Functional and versatile, these a perfect for lower cabinets and deep pantry shelves as well as in the fridge or freezer. These versatile storage solutions can be used anywhere at home. They could be used in craft rooms, laundry/utility rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, offices, garages, toy rooms and play rooms. Also great for apartments, dorms, RVs and campers. These storage bins fit into many deep drawers. Be sure to check the height and you might find these are the perfect organizers for you.

Of course, we can also provide you with customized services according to your requirements.

If you are shopping for acrylic storage containers for your store, we can add a bit of minimalist and upscale charm to your store or boutique. Please feel free to check out our products or contact us for pricing on wholesale acrylic containers and order your clear storage containers today.