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  • Clear Acrylic Organizer  For Shoe Storage

Clear Acrylic Organizer For Shoe Storage

Color: Clear

Material: PET

Brand: Xinyutai

Dimension: 14.1 X 10.1 X 5.5 inches

Weight: 1093g

Is an acrylic shoe box worth buying?

I believe that many shoe fans will be faced with a painful and happy process of storing sneakers. On the one hand, they started with the limited edition shoes that they wanted, but on the other hand, they faced the state of insufficient shoe cabinets. Stacking unsightly also affects the life of sneakers

Compared with ordinary paper or plastic shoe boxes in the market, I still recommend using acrylic shoe boxes for storage. First of all, acrylic is also called plexiglass. Its transmittance is much better than common plastic materials. Therefore, using acylic shoe organizers to store sneakers can be seen more clearly. In addition, acrylic is easily suitable the environment, even if long-term sunlight or accumulation in a cold and humid place will not change its performance.


About this item

● MINIMAL DESIGN: Calling all home organization lovers - this stackable clear drawer helps you create your perfect custom storage system in style. The sleek, modern organizer drawer is made of high-quality plastic. Use one bin or stack several bins on top of each other to create your perfect closet. Organize, store, protect, and admire your shoe collection & more! Our minimalist bin drawers are great for clothes, purses, crafts, office supplies, and pantry & fridge storage.

● HIGH-QUALITY: You'll feel the difference in quality with our modern bin design. Each high-quality container is sturdy and comes with a removable drawer and an open frame that has a covered wall on top. The built-in handle on the front makes it easy to open and close while the frame keeps the drawer on track. Our pull-out shoe box cubby bins are stackable - stack multiple units for customized closet organization for hats, accessories, sneakers, clothing, etc. Easy to clean with soap & water.

● MULTI-USE: Organize the attic, bedroom, & kitchen with the BPA-free, food-safe drawer. Use the container as a space-saving refrigerator bin for fruits and vegetables, or frozen meat & veggies in the freezer. Maximize storage and create extra shelf space in the fridge by storing items inside the drawer & on top of the covered frame as well.