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How to Organize Makeup for a Beautiful Space

Mar 28, 2022

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Learn how to organize makeup so that your cosmetics drawer is as pretty as you are. After all, options these days can be fancier than the plastic bins you may have used in your teens.

Read on and learn how to organize your makeup from experts.


How do You Declutter Makeup?

First remove all the lipstick, eyeshadow, liner, all the cosmetic products from drawers and boxes. Then come the easy edits: stuff that might be expired or is rarely used and needs to be tossed.

To find out if your makeup is expired, look for the number symbol on the bottom of the packaging, which will indicate the product can be used for 6 months to 12 months after opening.

Don't keep an item just because you got it for a good deal or you spent a lot of money on it—that's never a good reason to keep it. If that's the only reason you're keeping it then let it go.

Both Regalado and Roland have helped numerous clients declutter and bring a sleeker look to their organization—and their personal style.

These eye-catching storage solutions make it a little easier to put away those pink and purple Caboodles from the past.

When your bathroom drawers are completely filled with makeup, it not only makes it hard to find anything, it causes extra frustration. The fact is getting organized will save you money because you won't buy duplicates of what you already have.


How Do I Organize my Makeup Drawer?

To organize a makeup drawer, it best to buy clear acrylic bins in all different sizes. While these products can be found online, I suggest you first measure out your drawers.

As organizers, we always to try create our client's vision. Our favorite way to organize make up is to use a variety of sizes of drawer acrylic organizers because it a classy and clean look, everything is contained and visible.

Adding these acrylic compartments are a game changer! They're not only creating functional storage options but help you keep everything neat and tidy.

Store lipsticks and any eyeshadow sticks upside down in acrylic bins. This way you can easily see which lipstick color or eyeshadow you're searching. It's especially handy if you have similar packaging.

The key to keeping things organized is containment, and for makeup it is best to use small organizers and separate categories: eye shadow, foundation, lips, bronzers, eyeliners, etc.

How Do I Organize My Makeup in a Small Space?

Organizing makeup can be tricky since the items come a variety of sizes.

To save space, Regalado, who has a large collection of lipsticks, will group spring and summer colors in one pile and fall and winter shades in their own stash. I rotate by season, moving winter shads into an extra beauty bag during summer for example. She stores what I'm not going to use soon out of the way in a different drawer.

To create more storage, I also uses a rolling art cart which has 12 drawers to hold all of her extra makeup.l also advised clients use a linen closet or reuse a jewelry dresser to help store their makeup.

For those clients who want to use their countertop, I suggest using stackable bins. This can create more storage in a tight space.

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