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The Acrylic Box Splicing Process

Dec 04, 2021

Acrylic Box

Acrylic box material is a more environmentally friendly recyclable material, so many businesses such as supermarkets, convenience stores, dried fruit stores, dry goods stores, snack stores are using acrylic as food storage boxes. However, this box wants to have a long service life. Then we need to use the following splicing method to be more solid.


1. Acrylic Box Splicing - Heat Bending

Generally, in the customer custom acrylic box, technical staff will ask, the customer's specific requirements for the angle of the box splicing. If there are no special requirements, the box around the box will be used to heat bending treatment, heat bending processing of acrylic boxes, the surrounding acrylic box belongs to one piece of molding, the overall effect of the product is more rounded, beautiful, this acrylic box class splicing method more adapted to packaging, display products.


2. Acrylic Box Splicing - Straight Sticky

With the use of the straight bonding method in the acrylic box, the product size may appear in error. In the process of splicing different parts of the acrylic plate, the thickness of the acrylic plate needs to be taken into account. This method is mostly used for multiple pastes inside the acrylic box, in order to play the purpose of separating different areas, common products are acrylic storage boxes, acrylic cosmetic boxes, etc.


3. Acrylic Box Splicing - V Splicing

V splicing method is the specific operation: after the approved custom size, select a certain thickness of the acrylic sheet, it will be cut diagonally, the specific angle of 45 °. Then the different cut surfaces will be spliced between the paste. The use of such splicing method of acrylic box overall angular, strong sense of craft more three-dimensional. The downside is that this method is cumbersome and labor costs are high. In addition, the thickness of the board also has certain requirements, which will increase production costs.


In Conclusion

Acrylic food box bonding is best is a one-piece, using the form of heat bending and then bonding so that not only better quality and aesthetics are higher. In the production process, it is important to note that after the heat bending must wait for the product to cool down before the glue, otherwise the glue will blow up and produce many bubbles. Not only affect the beauty but also can not achieve the sealing effect.

The second is the right angle bonding, this process is simpler than heat bending, but is also the most used one, depending on personal needs and customize.


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