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Acrylic Boxes Are Toxic?

Sep 14, 2021

Clear Cosmetic Storage Organizer

Clear Cosmetic Storage Organizer

Nowadays, acrylic boxes are ubiquitous in our lives, which can not only store a variety of items but also bring us visual enjoyment. So, is it harmful to people's health? That is, acrylic boxes are toxic? Let's take a brief look at it.


At room temperature is not toxic

In today's acrylic is used quite widely, everywhere in life, large to large supermarkets outside with large LOGO and lightbox luminous words, small to home with acrylic photo frames, acrylic boxes, and so on. Now people will be acrylic made into containers for food. Of course, this time we are concerned about whether acrylic will be toxic.

The melting point of acrylic products is low. The acrylic melting point of about 130-140 ° C (265-285 ° F) is much lower than the high temperature of glass about 1000 degrees. Acrylic's chemical formula is (C5O2H8)n, acrylic in the case of full combustion, generating carbon dioxide and water. As the melting point of acrylic is 130-140 ° C, so at room temperature, acrylic is not a chemical reaction. Therefore, acrylic products at room temperature are not toxic.


Acrylic Boxes

Acrylic Boxes

When is it harmful to us?

Of course, when the temperature exceeds 130-140 °C, in the presence of oxygen, it is a different matter, and a chemical reaction will occur. When the acrylic combustion will produce harmful gases, but this rarely happens, this can not say that acrylic is toxic.

We are processing acrylic products, plexiglass displays, from time to time will use to laser engraving machine equipment, each time after the laser engraving machine engraving acrylic sheet, you can always smell a pungent smell. This is the acrylic is not fully burned harmful gases.

Therefore, when using the laser engraving machine, the doors and windows should be opened to maintain a state of ventilation. Especially in winter, do not close the doors and windows tightly, do not open the air conditioning. But in the production of good acrylic products (plexiglass products) is not a little harmful to people, because of this, acrylic in various industries is very widely used.


After the above introduction believe that you have a certain understanding of acrylic boxes, acrylic boxes are non-toxic, so we can boldly and safely use them in our daily lives. We are a clear acrylic boxes supplier, please feel free to contact us if you need them.