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Clear Acrylic Products Manufacturing Process

Nov 02, 2021

Clear Acrylic Products Manufacturing Process

The production process of clear acrylic products is similar to that of other plastics, except for the specific temperature and catalyst added.



Casting requires a mold into which the molten acrylic acid is poured. The molten acrylic is poured into the mold and left to stand for a few hours until it becomes semi-solid and can be removed from the mold.

After the sheet leaves the mold, it is transferred to an autoclave. An autoclave is a special machine that functions similarly to a pressure cooker and an oven. The autoclave uses heat and pressure to squeeze air bubbles out of the plastic, giving it a higher clarity and greater strength. Acrylic in an autoclave usually takes several hours.

After removing the formed acrylic from the autoclave, the surface and edges need to be sanded several times, first with a small grain of sandpaper and then with a soft cloth wheel, to ensure a smooth and transparent surface.


Injection molding

Like other plastic products injection molding, acrylic is also made by putting acrylic pellets into a plunger or screw injection molding machine and melting the raw material into a paste at high temperature.

Then it is injected into the abrasive cavity and dried by hot air circulation to become clear acrylic products, which can be used after grinding and polishing.


Extrusion molding

The acrylic pellets are added to the extruder. The machine heats the raw material until it reaches about 150°C and becomes viscous.

It is then fed between two roller presses, where the molten plastic is flattened by pressure into a uniform sheet, which is then cooled to cure the acrylic sheet.

The sheet is cut to the desired size and is ready for use after grinding and polishing. Extrusion molding only produces thin sheets and does not produce other shapes or thicker sheets.


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